ISQua’s 37th International Conference

8-11th July 2021

Emotion, Inspiration and Creativity: Pathways to Global Health Quality

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Virtual Conference
8th-11th July 2021

Together with Centro Regionale Gestione Rischio Clinico e Sicurezza del Paziente (GRC) and the Italian Network for Safety in Healthcare, ISQua is delighted to host our next Conference.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision has been taken to convert the conference to a virtual format.

We want to be able to guarantee all our delegate’s and speaker’s safety, and this is not possible holding an in-person conference.

We are confident that this format will not impact your learning experience, we are ensuring that all sessions are being converted to the virtual format.

Registration for the Florence Conference is now open!

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Registration for the virtual conference is now open. Since we are aware that budgets may influence your chance to attend the event, we have decided to reduce the registration fees and to extend Early Bird to Tuesday, 8th June 2021.

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Call For Papers Now Closed

Nearly 2,000 abstracts from 95 countries were received!
Each abstract went through a double-blind review by our expert reviewers and successful authors have already been notified. We will not be holding another Call for Papers for the Virtual Conference.

Programme Page

The theme for this year's ISQua Conference is 'Emotion, Inspiration, and Creativity: Pathways to Global Health Quality'.

The conference was originally scheduled to take place in Florence, Italy. The Renaissance was a period of rebirth with new ideas discoveries and the flowering of wonderful art. We hope that there will be the rebirth of our belief systems in the goodness of health and the ability to deliver safe and effective people-centred care.

For the conference, we chose three key essential components of the Renaissance - Emotion, Inspiration, and Creativity as we believe these will the pathway to Global Health Quality.

Please find below the daily schedules for the conference. All times shown are Irish Standard Time (UTC+1). You can find your equivalent time zone here. Please note that the conference schedule is subject to change. The most up-to-date information will be available on the conference portal from 5th July.

DAY 1 - Thursday - Virtual Programme DAY 2 - Friday - Virtual Programme DAY 3 - Saturday - Virtual Programme DAY 4 - Sunday - Virtual Programme

Who's Involved

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Boel Andersson Gäre

Boel Andersson Gäre was trained as a pediatrician at the University of Göteborg. She combined clinical work with leadership positions and research in Region Jönköping County for several years. Her initial research interest was epidemiology, paediatric outcomes research and development of patient reported outcome measures (PROM) for multidimensional evaluation and improvement of outcome in chronic disease. Later her research interest broadened to the interdisciplinary field of Improvement Science including studies of coproduction and co-design in health services. She was a visiting professor at the Dartmouth Institute in 2006. She has led interdisciplinary, interactive research programs on improvement in close partnership with practice, patients/families and different stakeholders nationally and internationally. Since 2009 she is professor of Leadership for Improvement of Health and Welfare at Jönköping University. As the program leader for the development of the Euroepan Center for Coproduction in partnership between Jönköping Academy/Jönköping University and the Region Jönköping County she works closely with the group at the Dartmouth Institute in the development of the International Coproduction Health Network (ICoHN).

Charles Vincent M Phil PhD
Professor of Psychology
University of Oxford

Charles Vincent trained as a Clinical Psychologist and worked in the British NHS for several years. Since 1985 he has carried out research on the causes of harm to patients, the consequences for patients and staff and methods of improving the safety of healthcare. He established the Clinical Risk Unit at University College in 1995 where he was Professor of Psychology before moving to the Department of Surgery and Cancer at Imperial College in 2002. He is the editor of Clinical Risk Management (BMJ Publications, 2nd edition, 2001), author of Patient Safety (2ned edition 2010) and author of many papers on medical error, risk and patient safety. From 1999 to 2003 he was a Commissioner on the UK Commission for Health Improvement and has advised on patient safety in many inquiries and committees including the recent Berwick Review. In 2007 he was appointed Director of the National Institute of Health Research Centre for Patient Safety & Service Quality at Imperial College Healthcare Trust. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and was recently reappointed as a National Institute of Health Research Senior Investigator. In 2014 he took up a new most as Health Foundation professorial fellow in the Department of Psychology, University of Oxford where he continues his work on safety in healthcare and led the Oxford Region NHS Patient Safety Collaborative. With Rene Amalberti he has recently published ‘Safer healthcare: strategies for the real world’ Springer, Open Access (2016). He has recently been appointed Director of Oxford Healthcare Improvement a centre based in Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Professor Glyn Elwyn BA MD MSc PhD FRCGP

Glyn Elwyn is a clinician, researcher, and innovator. He is a tenured professor at The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, USA, and at the Scientific Institute for Quality of Healthcare, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Netherlands. 
He is a Visiting Professor at University College London, UK, and an Honorary Chair at Cardiff University, UK.
After reading the humanities he qualified in medicine, completed a Masters in Education, and obtained his doctorate in 2001 at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre, Netherlands, with Professor Richard Grol.
Glyn Elwyn studies coproduction, shared decision making, and the application of machine learning to digital recordings of clinical encounters.
He leads an international interdisciplinary team examining the implementation of shared decision making into clinical settings. He developed Option Grid TM patient decision aids, evidence-based tools that empower people to choose the care that suits them best, licensed in 2017 to EBSCO Health. He has developed the Observer OPTION and collaboRATE, measures of shared decision making. He is the lead editor of Shared Decision Making: Evidence-Based Patient Choice, Oxford University Press, 3rd edition, 2016. Peer-reviewed publications: 402, H-index 97.


Twitter @glynelwyn

Sylvie Mantis

Sylvie Mantis has more than 20 years’ experience in facilitation internationally within civil society and the private sector and a proven track record facilitating processes that bring partner groups together in a positive working environment even when there is a pre-existing conflict. She completed her studies in the UK and worked with adult victims and survivors of child sexual abuse and rape. Following on from this experience she later focused her M Phil research on using particular traumatic experience as a learning tool for change and empowerment. With a keen interest in working on human rights issues and growth, Sylvie has concentrated on women’s issues, sexual rights issues, youth, and LGBTQ+ rights. Recently some of her work has included being part of the core team for the Power of One conference in Cyprus; bringing together Israeli and Palestinian participants to find common ground; facilitation work in the Arab region; advocating for the protection from sexual abuse of young people with learning disabilities and working as guest facilitator for the Cyprus Dialogue Forum (a national political dialogue platform). Her work focuses on self-empowerment and self-actualization on an individual and a group level, guiding towards realizing potential, action planning and effecting change. 
Independent Consultant, International Facilitator, Counselling Psychologist 
Selected examples of recent work:

  • Cyprus Dialogue Forum A bi-communal platform for peace dialogue. Chief Facilitator for the dialogue forum. Responsible for creating safe and open spaces for peaceful dialogue amongst political parties, trade unions, business and civil society in contributing towards the track one process of the Cyprus Problem and a possible bi-zonal, bi-communal federal solution.
  • Doha, Qatar. RBEC-RBAS. South-South Development EXPO. Sole Facilitator. This special session focused on knowledge and experience exchanges between civil society and public sector practitioners from Europe/CIS and the Arab States. The event covered wide thematic areas related to transitions, such as institutional reform and governance, women empowerment and youth participation, and other critical social and environmental issues. The intention was to explore how to best ensure a focus on gender mainstreaming in a country and culture that had not focused on youth and women’s issues before. 
  • MENA(Middle East and North Africa) REGION. Round Table on Understanding Marginalised Populations in the MENA Region. Sole Facilitator. 3 day event working with simultaneous translation and participants from 8 different countries on issues and challenges facing LGBTI in the MENA Region. Publication of a MENA region Strategy plan and process
  • Cyprus and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region. USAID Middle East Regional Gender Based Violence (GBV) Design Workshop. Sole Facilitator. In close collaboration with the USAID team, designed and executed a regional based working session on how identifying, working with and implementing programs on domestic violence across the region. This included identifying key players in each region, exploring capacities and inherited data, whilst looking forward to action planning and highlighting GBV across all sectors and regions. Publication of a GBV strategy Plan for the USAID team.
  • Europe wide. Daphne III project on empowering care. Project exploring sexual abuse issues in state run residential care homes and exploring issues of empowerment and staff training based on best practices. Cyprus was one of five partners who looked at in country specifics and implemented a best suited best practice policy at the end. Publication of a best Practice manual and a teaching manual on working with issues of sexual abuse in care homes.
  • ILGA EUROPE. Council of Ministers (CoM) recommendations report on LGBT focused Human Rights. Co-authored a circa 120 page report detailing the Cypriot government’s adherence to the recommendations on LGBT human rights issues. This entailed visiting all governmental and semi-governmental departments and assessing, evaluating and cross checking data relating to the recommendations and appendices in relation to human rights adherence and violations. 
    (Cyprus report can be found here as a pdf document)

Valerie James

Valerie James is at the forefront of innovation in the UK in developing health service leaders. A Senior Fellow in Leadership at the King’s Fund for 10 years, she worked with over 800 senior clinicians and managers on ground breaking interventions. These included the Top and Senior Manager Programmes, Athena for executive women, Management for 500+ Specialist Registrars and, with Dr Eden Charles, the Transformational Leadership Programme for senior BME leaders in the NHS. Professor Alimo-Metcalf independently evaluated TLP as outstanding. As a result, Valerie and Eden were nominated by over 100 people for the national Leadership Awards 2009 and again in 2010 (Partnership Category) for enabling multiple, sustained personal and organisational improvements. 
A full time independent consultant since 2010, clients includes two international order of nuns, the Department of Health and Department for Education, King Fahad Medical City - 8 hospitals in Riyadh, The Health Foundation, on patient safety and board leadership, and the national college of police leadership on partnership working. She wrote the first QI strategy in the NHS, working in partnership from Board to Ward to create demonstration projects, specialising in the human factors blocks to improvement. 
Previously she has been a chief executive grade in the NHS and an academic. She has two clinical trainings, three behavioural science degrees, three postgraduate clinical diplomas and a PGCE. Accredited by CEDR International as a mediator, she specialises in mediating with doctors. She works creatively with transformational change, inequality and conflict. Valerie has been an executive coach to many senior figures and has taught coaching skills for over eighteen years. She has a passion for partnership working across systems and for bridging differences. 

Visiting Senior Fellow, Kingston University and St George's, University of London
CEDR Accredited Mediator
Consulting Editor, International Journal of Public Leadership 

Recent Projects Include:

  • Lead Faculty for both the Coaching and Application Groups for the 2012-16 London Deanery’s Darzi Fellows (Clinical Leadership) Programmes (c 200 Fellows);
  • Delivered multiple whole system events on implementation of new NICE standards on Early Intervention in Psychosis for the south of England, commissioned by Oxford Academic Health Science Network, plus MDT cross service peer review training including users and carers; Clinical Fellows networks for South London AHSN (HIN);
  • Convened two Communities of Practice (of 8 people each) for Directors of Public Health in London and including Local Authority Directors – these meetings co-diagnosed challenges and built skills in partnership working. Commissioned by NHS London
  • Delivered a whole system event on the future of Public Health for 3 PCTs and Councils in inner London, commissioned by the cross-organisational Public Health Steering Group; 
  • Partnership Working across the Public Sector – approached to help design, and then as syndicate director for 4 cohorts of a Home Office and the national Police College leadership programme: Leading Powerful Partnerships. This is now the flagship programme at Bramshill College and participants come from across the public and voluntary sectors. It is a highly challenging, and highly rated, experiential programme;
  • Co-diagnosed and provided a 2 year bespoke organisational development programme for a CCG; supported an emerging GP Federation through their start up;
  • Coached over 50 SpRs individually for their consultant interviews, and directed workshops on this for more than 500 SpRs; coached many medical consultants in improving their individual and team performance;
  • Consulted, as part of a team, on a year's change management programme for an inner London health visitor service with complex and multicultural pressures.

Walter Ricciardi

Professor of Hygiene and Public Health at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome.
From January 2019 Head of Department of Woman and Child Health and Public Health of Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Rome.
On November 2019 he was appointed Coordinator of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Human Technopole Foundation.
From October 2019 President of the Mission Board for Cancer of the European Commission.
In May 2018 he has been elected President of the World Federation of Public Health Associations (WFPHA) by the General Assembly of the WFPHA.
In November 2017 he was appointed Italian Representative in the Executive Board of the World Health Organisation.
In 2016 he was appointed Principal Investigator of the EC Grant N° 733274 “TO REACH” the first health services and health systems research programme funded by the European Commission.
In December 2015, he was appointed Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Policy, Governance and Leadership at the Institute of Public Health, Medical School, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Rome.
From August 2015 to December 2018 he was the President of the Italian National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità), where he was Commissioner from July 2014 to July 2015.
In May 2013 he was appointed Member of the Expert Panel on effective ways of investing in Health (European Commission, DG – SANTE) and in December 2016 he has been awarded a three-year second mandate.
In 2011 he was appointed Member of the European Advisory Committee on Health Research to the WHO European Regional Director and from 2011 to 2014 he was Member of the Executive Board of the National Board of Medical Examiners of the United States of America.
In 2010 he was elected President of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) and in 2011 he was re-elected for a second term up to 2014. Since 2014 he is Past President of EUPHA.
He was member of the Higher Health Council (Consiglio Superiore di Sanità) of the Italian Ministry of Health in the years 2003-2006 and the Italian Minister of Health appointed him Chair of the Public Health Section of the Council itself from 2010 to 2014.
He manages several undergraduate and postgraduate teaching activities including a Master of Science programme and International Courses in Epidemiology.
He is Editor of the European Journal of Public Health, of the Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice and Founding Editor of the Italian Journal of Public Health and of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Public Health.
In May 2019 he received the “Laurea Honoris Causa” at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA.

Dr. Ronald Wyatt

Dr. Ronald Wyatt joined MCIC Vermont in January 2020 as the Vice-President and Patient Safety Officer. 

Prior to joining MCIC Vermont, Dr. Wyatt was formerly Chief Quality and Patient Safety Officer at Cook County Health, one of the largest public health systems in the United States. He also served as Chief of Patient Safety and Quality for the Hamad Medical Corporation in Doha Qatar. Dr. Wyatt was the first Patient Safety Officer at the Joint Commission and in that role contributed to National Patient Safety Goals.

Dr. Wyatt is an internationally known patient safety and health equity subject matter expert.
He Co-chairs the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Equity Advisory Group and is faculty for the IHI Pursuing Equity Initiative.

Dr. Wyatt is a member of the ACGME Clinical Learning Environment Review committee (CLER) as well as faculty on the ACGME Disparity Collaborative.

He also serves on several boards including the IHI Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS), the Society to Prevent Diagnostic Error (SIDM) and the Consumers Advocating for Patient Safety (CAPS). 

Dr. Wyatt is a credentialed course instructor in the School of Health Professions at the University of Alabama Birmingham, teaching a graduate course in health policy with a focus on safety and quality.

Dr. Wyatt is a graduate of the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Medicine, was chief resident in Internal Medicine at St. Louis University School of Medicine and holds an master’s (executive program) in health administration degree from the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Health Professions. He was a 2009-2010 Merck Fellow at IHI.

Yvonne Coghill CBE, FRCN, (Hon) Fellow KCL, Hon DUni (Bucks)

Yvonne commenced nurse training at Central Middlesex Hospital in 1977, qualified as a general nurse in 1980 and then went on to qualify in mental health nursing and health visiting. In 1986 she secured her first NHS management job and has since held a number of operational and strategic leadership posts. 

Yvonne is currently the Director – WRES Implementation in NHS England, she is a member of the equality and diversity council at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in the United States where she helped develop their inclusion strategy. Yvonne has delivered lectures on inclusion and diversity at Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts and the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. She continues to work closely with world expert on health and race Professor D. Williams, of Harvard University School of Public Health. 

In 2012 Yvonne was appointed a Magistrate to the North London bench. She has been voted by colleagues in the NHS as one of the top 50 most inspirational women, one of the top 50 most inspirational nurse leaders and one of the top 50 BME pioneers and in December 2017 she was included in the HSJ top 100 influential leaders list. Yvonne was awarded an OBE for services to healthcare in 2010 and was appointed to the position of Director for WRES implementation in June 2015. In 2018 Yvonne was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Nursing, a CBE in the Queen’s birthday honours list, an honorary fellowship from Kings College University, honorary doctorates from The Middlesex and Buckinghamshire Universities, voted one of the top 70 most inspirational nurses in the NHS over the last 70 years and became Deputy President of the RCN in January 2019. 

Dilshad Jaff

Dr. Jaff has more than 17 years' experience in complex humanitarian crises in conflict zones in the Middle East, largely working with the International Committee of the Red Cross. He has experience in designing, implementing, supervising, and monitoring health projects and programs during and after complex humanitarian emergencies. In addition to his formal studies in medicine and public health, he has studied medical microbiology and has considerable training in conflict resolution.

Frances Mortimer

Dr. Frances Mortimer is Medical Director at the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in Oxford, UK, an independent charity, where her focus is on engaging clinicians with the concept of sustainable clinical care. As part of this, she has published a framework for integrating sustainability into healthcare improvement methodology. She has led the development of the Centre’s innovative “Sustainable Specialties” programmes, which foster change within clinical communities, supported by research into the carbon footprint of alternative models of care. Frances studied medicine at Oxford University and at the Royal Free & University College London Medical School, graduating in 2003. In 2008, she left specialist training in renal medicine to take up her current position.

Melanie Calvert

Professor Melanie Calvert, PhD, is Professor of Outcomes Methodology at the University of Birmingham UK. She is Director of Birmingham Health Partners Centre for Regulatory Science and Innovation and Director of the Centre for Patient Reported Outcomes Research which aims to optimize the use of patient reported outcomes (PROs) in clinical trials and routine care, to improve service delivery, enhance patient care and outcomes and ensure that the patient perspective is at the heart of health research and healthcare decision-making. She is the cross-cutting theme lead for PROs research within National Institute for Health Research infrastructure including the Biomedical Research Centre Birmingham, Surgical Reconstruction and Microbiology Research Centre, Applied Research Collaboration West Midlands, MedTech Co-operative. She is a member of the National Research Ethics Advisory Panel and is a NIHR Senior Investigator.

Prof Calvert has >180 peer reviewed publications in journals including the NEJM, BMJ, JAMA and the Lancet.  She led the development of international PRO guidance including the SPIRIT-PRO extension (JAMA), CONSORT-PRO extension (JAMA) and is a member of the EORTC led SISAQOL initiative.  She is a member of the international steering committee for the Recent publications include: PRO assessment in cancer trials (JNCI), ‘PRO Alerts’ (JAMA) Maximising the use of PROs for patients and society (BMJ), and Harnessing the patient voice in real-world evidence: essential role of PROs (Nature Reviews Drug Discovery).  

Her highly cited work has informed European Society of Cardiology guidelines, NICE and EMA guidance.  Prof Calvert works closely with a wide range of national and international collaborators to maximise the reach, influence and impact of her research.  She sits on a number of international committees leading national and international strategy for PROs research/implementation including the PROTEUS Consortium which promotes tools and resources to optimize the use of PROs in clinical trials to ensure that patients, clinicians, and other decision-makers can make the best decisions about treatment options.

“It is a privilege to receive the prestigious Health Assessment Lab/Medical Outcomes Trust John Ware and Alvin Tarlov Career Achievement Prize for my contribution to the field. I look forward to delivering the keynote at ISQua 2021 in Florence.  I am passionate about collecting and reporting high quality PRO data that can meaningfully inform patient choices about treatments, regulatory decision making, clinical guidelines and health policy.  This award not only recognises my contribution to the field but also that of my amazing team and international collaborators including our wonderful patient partners.”  

Rene Amalberti

René Amalberti works part time as a Senior Advisor to the Haute Authorité de Santé (HAS), France and is a risk manager in a medical insurance company. He is also Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Ergonomics. After a residency in psychiatry, Rene joined the Air Force, where he graduated in aerospace medicine and took up a military research position in from which he recently retired with the rank of General. Rene has been involved in several major European research programs on human error and risk management and he pioneered the concepts of pilot's assistant, ecological safety, and Crew Resource Management. He was the first head of human factors and flight safety of the Joint Aviation Authorities. In the 1990s Rene progressively diversified his research fields, studying risk management in the nuclear and oil industry, professional fishing, and public ground transportation. During this decade he has been chairman of the French national research program on road and railway safety; In the late '90s, he undertook research in the medical field on medical errors, patient safety, system approach, and resilience. He has published more than 100 international papers and chapters, and authored or co-authored 10 books.

Trish Greenhalgh

Trish Greenhalgh is an internationally recognised academic in primary health care and trained as a GP. She joined the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford as Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences in January 2015, after previously holding professorships at University College London and Queen Mary University of London.

As co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Research In Health Sciences (IRIHS) unit, Trish leads a programme of research at the interface between social sciences and medicine, with strong emphasis on the organisation and delivery of health services. Her research seeks to celebrate and retain the traditional and humanistic aspects of medicine while also embracing the unparalleled opportunities of contemporary science and technology to improve health outcomes and relieve suffering. 

Trish is joint module coordinator on the Knowledge Into Action (KIA) module of the MSc in Evidence Based Health Care.

Her past research has covered the evaluation and improvement of clinical services at the primary-secondary care interface, particularly the use of narrative methods to illuminate the illness experience in ‘hard to reach’ groups; the challenges of implementing evidence-based practice (including the study of knowledge translation and research impact); the adoption and use of new technologies (including electronic patient records and assisted living technologies) by both clinicians and patients; and the application of philosophy to clinical practice.  

Pascale Carayon

Pascale Carayon, PhD, is the Leon and Elizabeth Janssen Professor in Engineering, Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Healthcare Systems Engineering and leader of the interdisciplinary Systems Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety (SEIPS) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. She received her Engineer diploma from the Ecole Centrale de Paris, France, and her PhD in Industrial Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has three decades of research experience analyzing, designing and improving complex work systems such as those in healthcare. In the last 20 years, her research has focused on patient safety and healthcare issues such as design of health information technologies and healthy work systems. As an industrial and systems engineer, she is renowned for her groundbreaking contributions in modeling complex system interactions in healthcare processes that influence patient safety and other outcomes for patients and healthcare professionals such as clinician well-being.

Conference Partners

ISQua is proud to be working with our Italian partners, the GRC-WHO Collaborating Centre and the Italian Network for Safety in Healthcare, on our 37th international conference.


The Programme and Planning Committee oversees the development of the scientific programme and is responsible for ensuring the quality of the content of the conference.


  • Riccardo Tartaglia, The Italian Network for Safety in Healthcare (INSH)
  • Jeffrey Braithwaite, ISQua President


  • Sara Albolino, GRC-WHO Collaborating Centre
  • John Brennan, General Practitioner
  • Silvio Brusaferro, University of Udine
  • Stephen Clark, ISQua Board Member (conf. 2022)
  • Helen Crisp, Independent Consultant
  • Vittorio Fineschi, University le Sapienza, Rome
  • Federico Gelli, Italia in Salute
  • Peter Lachman, ISQua CEO
  • Eugene Nelson, The Dartmouth Institution
  • Wendy Nicklin, ISQua Immediate Past-President
  • Sabina Nuti, Santanna School, Pisa
  • Rohit Ramaswamy, Gillings School of Global Public Health
  • Walter Ricciardi, University Sacro Cuore
  • Jacqui Stewart, COHSASA
  • Carlo Rinaldo Tomassini, Dept. of Health, Tuscany
  • Shin Ushiro, ISQua Board Member
  • Manvir Victor, ISQua Patient Representative

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) supports the Programme and Planning Committee (PPC) to include work from regional hospitals and institutions. The LOC is responsible for designing educational visits to local institutions of excellence for our international delegates, while taking every opportunity to promote the conference to local delegates.

  • Sara Albolino, GRC-WHO Collaborating Centre
  • Giulia Dagliana, GRC-WHO Collaborating Centre
  • Michela Tanzini, GRC-WHO Collaborating Centre
  • Giulio Toccafondi, GRC-WHO Collaborating Centre
  • Francesco Venneri, INSH & GRC-WHO Collaborating Centre
  • Elena Beleffi, GRC-WHO Collaborating Centre
  • Francesco Ranzani, GRC-WHO Collaborating Centre
  • Elisabetta Flore, GRC-WHO Collaborating Centre

2020 Health Assessment Lab/Medical Outcomes Trust John Ware and Alvin Tarlov Career Achievement Prize

Nominations Solicited for 2020 Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs)

Career Achievement Prize of $20,000 (USD)

We are no longer seeking nominations for the 2020 Health Assessment Lab/Medical Outcomes Trust* John Ware and Alvin Tarlov Career Achievement Prize in Patient-Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs), which includes a $20,000 honorarium.

The award is named in honor of the Health Assessment Laboratory/Medical Outcomes Trust's founders, Dr. John E. Ware, Jr., and Dr. Alvin Tarlov - two of the world's leading pioneers in the development and use of patient-reported outcome measures.

* The Health Assessment Lab/Medical Outcomes Trust is a free-standing not-for-profit organization with the goal of advancing state-of-the-art tools for measuring health care services and health outcomes from the patient/person point of view.

ISQua’s 38th International Conference

Brisbane, Australia, October 2022

ISQua’s 39th International Conference 

Seoul, South Korea, 2023

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