World Patient Safety Day

ISQua is proud to support the annual World Patient Safety Day and the Decade of Patient Safety

The 72nd World Health Assembly adopted a resolution on Global action on patient safety on 25 May 2019.

The resolution established 17th September to be the annual World Patient Safety Day. 

The WHO has also designated 2020-2030 as the Decade of Patient Safety. 

In 2021 the Global Patient Safety Action Plan will be approved and will form the pathway for Member States to improve the safety of patients and healthcare workers.

World Patient Safety Day Themes

  • 2019 Health Worker Safety: a priority for patient safety
  • 2020 Health Worker Safety: a priority for patient safety
  • 2021 Safe care for mothers and new born

ISQua supports the World Patient Safety Day by organising events in the weeks preceding the day and by activities during the year to promote patient safety.

In 2019

ISQua held several webinars before and on WPSD

In 2020

  • ISQua partnered with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation in their conference on WPSD
  • ISQua and International Hospital Federation published a statement on World Patient Safety Day in 2020

In 2021

ISQua will partner with PIPQC in supporting the new theme

And with the PSMF and IHF in our quest for decreasing harm to mothers and the new-born worldwide