Our Organisation

The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) is a member-based, not-for-profit community that delivers a variety of initiatives and programmes around the world. Our mission statement is, “To inspire and drive improvement in health, and the safety and quality of health care worldwide.” Our vision is to be the leader of transformation in health and health care. We believe in equity in the delivery of healthcare with the required action to address the social determinants of health.

ISQua's Mission Statement:

"To inspire and drive improvement in health, and the safety and quality of healthcare worldwide." 

Our vision is to be the leader of transformation in health and health care worldwide.

Our Key Values

Knowledge | Network | Voice


We provide access to thought leaders in quality and safety, giving you the opportunity to learn from a wide range of international experts so that you can make improvements within your own unique context.


ISQua is a large network of people and organisations connected through a culture of learning and sharing. You can expand your professional network, make new contacts and become a valued member of our community.


ISQua offers you an opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions, to showcase your research and innovative improvements with like-minded peers, and to gain recognition for your contribution to the community.

Join us to improve your knowledge, build your network, and make your voice heard.

Person Centred Care

Who We Are

ISQua was established in 1985 with a vision to promote quality and safety in health care through international co-operation and collaboration. Today, ISQua remains dedicated to making this vision a reality. Over the last 35 years, there has been increased focus on the sciences of improvement, patient safety and implementation in health care; quality and safety have become central to the design and delivery of health care services.

ISQua is one of the leading international bodies in the field of quality improvement, person-centred care and patient safety, and is the leader in external evaluation for the setting of international standards in health care.

ISQua provides a home for researchers, practitioners and people receiving care, as well as policy makers. We have grown from a body that sets standards to one that encompasses all areas of interest and importance in the quality of health and health care. We work across all regions of the world, and have a particular focus on improving the quality of care in lower and middle income regions where the need is greatest. We believe in ensuring that care is equitable, and we take care to appreciate and value the environment as we design safe person-centred health care services for the future. There is now an understanding on how social determinants affect health and healthcare and we support actions to address this challenge.

Strategic Aim 1: To build on our
foundations and our success to date, which have been rooted in four focus areas:

  • Knowledge Management
  • External Evaluation
  • Our Members
  • People Who are Patients

ISQua is the global leader in supporting the development and improvement of health and social care in external evaluation organisations.
ISQua aims to be a vibrant sustainable membership organisation that provides benefits and services for its Members, both institutional and individual.
The ISQua Conference aims to be the leading international networking, academic research and educational event for all involved in improving health and social care worldwide, including payers, researchers, accreditors, improvers, providers, educators, policy makers and consumers (patients). Our regional conferences partner with local organisations to spread knowledge.
ISQua aims to be a leader for enabling access to and/or providing education and research around health care quality and patient safety.
We wish to ensure the International Journal for Quality in Health Care (IJQHC) is the journal of choice for publication in the field.

Strategic Aim 2: To develop interventions for improving quality and safety, through initiatives such as:

  • QI networks to connect our institutional members
  • Advisory services to develop and promote quality and patient safety
  • Communities of Practice of learning.

As an organisation, ISQua is a network of individuals and organisations aiming to improve health care and safety. ISQua will continue to develop innovative solutions in working with our partners and patients; this will be achieved through the promotion of our networks and Communities of Practice. These offer the opportunity for the continued sustainable growth of ISQua and for the spreading of knowledge, skills and shared learning.

Strategic Aim 3: To develop programmes and expand our impact in all regions.

This includes:

  • Fostering our Communities of Practice and networks
  • Supporting universal health care
  • Maintaining a focus on WHO Programmes,
  • Focus on low- and middle-income countries (LMIC)

ISQua aims to develop an improvement network of health care providers in all regions, with a special focus on LMIC, and to provide support for continual improvement in resource-poor environments through fostering regional networks and Communities of Practice. This will primarily focus on Africa, the Indian subcontinent and Central and South America, followed by other regions. All of our programmes will be designed to facilitate sustainable knowledge-sharing through Communities of Practice and the support of local networks and meetings. We will support QI networks and offer advice to local organisations.

Strategic Aim 4: To maintain, develop and foster strategic partnerships.

As an international society, ISQua will work with Members, stakeholders and partners to help deliver and enhance programmes that will improve the quality of care for people worldwide. This aim also includes the continual strengthening of our relationships with partners such as the WHO, World Bank, IHI, IEA, IAPO and the IHF. ISQua will continue to support specific WHO programmes such as National Quality Policy and Strategy (NQPS), Integrated Care, Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the WHO Patient Safety Programme.

Legal Status

The International Society for Quality in Health Care Company, Limited by Guarantee trading as The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).
Charity number: CHY 18724
Company Number: 461093

ISQua is an independent not-for-profit organisation and as such does not endorse, promote or support any particular products or services provided by third parties.