Our Team

Our team includes the ISQua Board and a dedicated ISQua staff based in Dublin, Ireland, led by CEO Dr Carsten Engel. 

Peter Lachman.jpg
Carsten Engel,

Eadin Murphy.jpg
Eadin Murphy,
Head of Events and Corporate Affairs
Elaine O’Connor,
Head of Operations, ISQua EEA and Head of Strategic Partnerships
Sinead McArdle.jpg
Sinead McArdle,
Business Development Officer 
Nicola McCauley Conlan.jpg
Nicola McCauley-Conlan,
Accreditation Manager
 Heather Wilson.jpg
Heather Wilson,
Accreditation Manager
 Eleanor Keegan.jpg
Eleanor Keegan,
Events Officer
Caroline Usher.jpg 
Caroline Usher,
Education Programme Lead Specialist

Simon Donohoe,
Office Manager & Events Development Manager
Caitriona Curran.jpg 
Caitriona Curran,
Education Specialist and Community Engagement Coordinator
Orla Corcoran.jpg 
Orla Corcoran,
Corporate Services Officer (Accounts and Membership)
 Aoife Dowling.jpg
Aoife Dowling,
Corporate Services Officer (Governance)
 Rachel Simpson.jpg
Rachel Simpson,
Corporate Support Officer
Board Members
Professor Jeffrey Braithwaite,
Professor Ezequiel Elorrio Garcia, President-elect
Ms Wendy Nicklin,
Immediate Past President
2020_BRENNAN, John.jpg 
Dr John Brennan,
Board Member
Dr Stephen Clark,
Board Member
2019_CROWLEY, Philip.jpg
Dr Philip Crowley,
Board Member
Dr Fabio Leite Gastal,
Board Member
 2021 JAOUNI Salma
Ms Salma Jaouni,
Board Member
2020_LUCET, Bruno.jpg 
Mr Bruno Lucet,
Board Member
2020_TETTY, SodziSodzi.jpg
Dr Sodzi Sodzi Tettey,
Board Member
2020 USHIROShin
Professor Shin Ushiro,
Board Member
2019_van VLIET, Ellen Joan.jpg
Dr Ellen Joan van Vliet,
Board Member
 2020 WOODHEAD Tricia preferred
Dr Patricia Woodhead,
Board Member
 2017 INVERARITY Duncan
Mr Duncan Inverarity, Parliamentarian
 2020Oct EDWARDSAnna image
Ms Anna Edwards,
Honorary Advisor Person Centred Care
2020Oct CASTRO Isabela image
Ms Isabela Castro,
Honorary Advisor Person Centred Care